Proof #2948 of LGBTQ Mental Illness: Empirical Casmopatry

Psychiatrists at the APA (American Psychiatric Association) are so stupid that they don’t even know what the word “casmopatry” means.  Of course, we don’t expect you to know the meaning of a word that you have never heard.

APA psychiatrists believe that the psychophysical universe is one-dimensional with the physical dominating the psychological.  In other words, brain chemistry is the god of the human mind.  However, even the latest discoveries in theoretical physics state that the physical universe is multidimensional (we will prove this in future articles).  More important, we now see casmopatric interfaces between molecular constructs and human thoughts and emotions.  This means that we now know (scientifically speaking, for everyone knows this by common sense) that there is, to a degree, really such a thing as mind over matter.

Proofs #254 Thru #2944 of LGBTQ Mental Illness: Confessions

We have 2,691 confessions of former LGBTQs in which they state that they were LGBTQs by choice and not because they were born LGBTQs.  Also, 97% of these individuals state that they previously did not care about right and wrong and about God and God’s will.  We will be providing each and every one of these confessions over time.  Finally, we have 73,000 other confessions but we have not verified their veracity yet.

Proof #253 of LGBTQ Mental Illness: Suppression

From 1960 to the present, LGBTQ activists have been suppressing the science that proves that LGBTQs are mentally ill.  In one instance, when psychiatrists voted whether to reclassify homosexuals as mentally normal, LGBTQ activists suppressed the vote of 67% of psychiatrists, who, shortly after the vote, said they would have voted to maintain the classification of homosexuals as mentally ill (see How Gays Tricked the Supreme Court).  Fortunately, the internet has given truth a greater voice and, now, the truth about LGBTQs is once again getting out more widely.